Service Opportunities

ACA UK’s Intergroup has a number of opportunities for ACAs wanting to give service. We are a supportive and friendly community and welcome all those who are interested in joining us. All ACAs are invited to attend our monthly meeting.

Our new Web & Digital Resources Committee is looking to fill the following role:

General & Newcomer Enquiries

This service involves responding to the enquiries that come into the info@ email address. These are usually general questions from newcomers about how ACA works. This would suit someone who enjoys being helpful, tailoring their responses to the individual enquiry, and is confident using our table of meetings information. This committee service role would suit someone who’s been in the fellowship for 1+ years and has held a service position in their home group.
Get in touch here if you’re interested.

Current Serving Officer Opportunities:

Recovery requirements for Intergroup Serving Officer Roles:

– To have completed all the 12 Steps in ACA
– Held a service position at meeting level for at least 6 months
– Actively developing emotional sobriety as part of a programme of recovery

We define emotional sobriety as “cultivating self-awareness to recognise and understand one’s feelings without resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms, whilst developing effective strategies for emotional regulation and acceptance, in pursuit of a fulfilling life beyond childhood dysfunction.”

Intergroup Service Officer roles are usually two years in duration.  However, depending on the role, a commitment of one year may be sufficient.  If you are interested in any of these roles please email us to arrange an informal discussion.


This role involves taking the minutes of our Intergroup meetings, as well as some Serving Officer meetings, and liaising with the Chair in relation to the preparation of minutes for circulation.

Deputy Treasurer

Suggested Additional Requirements: Solvent, experience of service in ACA, ability to use spreadsheets. Helpful but not essential to have a background in accounting or finance or acting as Treasurer in a meeting or Intergroup.

Chair of Public Information

An extremely important role in terms of fulfilling our primary purpose. The ongoing development of the ACA Public Information Committee has enabled the fellowship to look at opportunities and methods for carrying the ACA message to Adult Children who still suffer. Recent initiatives undertaken require the support of the fellowship and its trusted servants. They include:

  • Visible Recovery fairs
  • Prison and H&I Liaison
  • Partnerships with other 12 step fellowships.
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