Fraudulent BRBs being sold worldwide

ACA UK calls on our members to help combat a new, coordinated and sophisticated worldwide launch of pirated, substandard Big Red Books.

In June our World Service Organisation discovered the fraud, and served cease and desist letters on the main distributor, numerous online marketplaces and secondary sellers, advised by their Intellectual Property attorneys. The financial impact on our fellowship is substantial.

These pirated BRBs are being sold in both hardback and paperback and can be identified in two ways:

– The pirated copies have text on the back cover (pictured). Genuine BRBs have no text on the back cover.

– Pirated copies have the wrong ISBNs:
Fraudulent Hardback ISBN: 978-91-92874-22-4
Fraudulent Paperback ISBN: 978-89-404-7364-1

If you have bought one of these books:

  1. Try to return it to the seller
  2. Let WSO know how you got the book by sending the details to

Please keep a lookout for these pirated versions and let the WSO know if you spot any of them for sale.

We can assure you that the best way of knowing you’re buying a genuine Big Red Book, where proceeds fund the continuation of our fellowship, is from our bookshop here.

Read WSO’s full alert here.

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