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    Saturday, to Noon

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    Steps, Traditions, Tony A, Laundry List workbook.

    "Courage to Change" is a weekly ACA meeting in a welcoming central London venue, close to Victoria Station, that has evolved out of a long-standing meeting that prioritises the safety of its members.

    This meeting provides a space to support the challenges and life changes experienced by those who have worked through all the 12 steps in ACA. Join us to deepen your experience of the rewards of working the programme. "It works if you work it":). While newcomers are very welcome, please note that the focus of the meeting is for those who have worked through all the ACA steps.

    Please email address supplied below for details including venue. To protect the safety of the space, members are also respectfully asked to agree to ACA safety protocols in advance. In order to comply with the security arrangements at the venue, first names are required at the door so admission is by RSVP in advance via our WA group.

    *Please note that we are a cashless meeting.*

    Dogs welcome!

  • Cardinal Place

    Palace St
    London SW1E 5JD


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  • Updated 6 April 2024
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