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In areas where many ACA meetings exist, an Intergroup is generally formed to provide a forum for conducting ACA business within a given geographical area.

The individual groups continue to conduct their own group business; however, the groups can select a meeting representative to represent the group at an Intergroup meeting.

The Intergroup, therefore, is composed of members from the various ACA groups. The Intergroup helps coordinate helpline functions, public information efforts, hospitals and institutions meetings, and ACA events in a given area.

An ACA Regional Service Committee serves a similar function by helping coordinate ACA functions and fellowship business among Intergroups in a geographical area.

When an Intergroup is formed, each ACA group elects an Intergroup representative, who attends a monthly or quarterly Intergroup meeting.

A Regional Service Committee serves as a coordinating point for several Intergroups in a geographical area. Intergroup Representatives attend Regional Service Committee meetings as well.

In the UK we have an Intergroup that meets the 3rd Saturday of each month at 5pm.

Here are the Zoom details :

ACA UK Intergroup Meeting 1700-1800
Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 859 3153 0910
Passcode: ACAUK12

Our Intergroup exists in order to provide information to the adult child who still suffers.

The meeting is made up of Serving Officers, Group Reps and ordinary members some who are Intergroup Reps. Any member can attend the Intergroup meeting.

It exists to be able to provide accurate meeting information with a coherent message to anyone who reaches out to ACOA UK in need of help and recovery.

Intergroup is not an authority and cannot be involved in any individual group matters but only that business that is necessary for ACOA UK to be present and available to the adult child who still suffers and reaches out for help.

In order to coordinate this we have a number of volunteers, Serving Officers, who support business activities such as Finance, Website, Literature, Safety, Equality and Diversity, Public information, Public Liability

Here are some of the current roles we have volunteers helping with :

Website: The website administrator takes care of maintaining and updating the website, domain names and email. Most if not all of the work is easy to manage for anyone with some experience in WordPress and / or cPanel type technologies. There currently is interaction with groups re. published meeting details and other roles in ACA regarding published material.



Meeting Admin

Safety: The Safety Committee of ACA UK Intergroup was set up to integrate the work of the ACA World Service Organisation (WSO) Addressing Predatory Behaviour Committee (APB) and the Meeting and Service Safety Ad Hoc Committee (MSS) into ACA UK. We offer guidance and support to meetings and members regarding safety issues in ACA. Meetings looking to return to face-to-face venues and who are looking for guidance and support regarding Covid safety can also contact us at Please see our ’Safety’ page for more details and resources.

Public Information

Medication and Recovery

Public Liability

Intergroup Meeting Chair: The role of the Intergroup Chair is to coordinate all the IG activities by holding and chairing a monthly meeting and by helping and supporting the different IG service functions.

By emailing an Agenda and giving notice to all the meetings that are in our Intergroup region which is the United Kingdom, IG seeks to engage and encourage all Groups Reps or Intergroup Reps to attend and discuss ACOA UK Business and any matters that arise that require action to bring about continuity of the message and service to all the meetings in the region.

Intergroup Meeting Secretary

These are some current vacancies we have:

The ACA technology committee is looking for people who have skills in the administration and hosting of web sites and associated functions, specifically the following skills are sought:
– Experience managing domain registrations, web and email hosting
– Experience managing and administering DNS records
– Experience with web hosting technologies (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc etc) plus common hosting platform (e.g. WordPress) would be useful
– Experience in data transfer and translation e.g. transfer data between CSV, JSON, MySQL
– Concientious about maintaining a service for ACA
– Additionally, there may be a a role for experienced designers as and when required, also experienced theme / html editors who can convert designs to working HTML.
SAFETY COMMITTEE VACANCIES Items covered will include:
1. Supporting best practice for meetings in terms of safety and well-being of members (including Covid security for face to face meetings)
2. Integrating the work of WSO Safety Committee into ACA UK
3. An ability to deal with difficult, sensitive issues, and work constructively with meeting representatives.
4. To be actively working the steps in ACA
No requirement to be a GSR.
1. Answer each call with the intention of helping someone to find a meeting. That is the main purpose of the phone line.
2. Some people will want more information and I explain a little about ACA and explain that the ‘Problem’ will help them identify whether or not ACA may be a good place for them to attend.
3. Some people want to lean in to share. This is maybe something you can do but it’s important to minimise your time because it can take up time. A gentle explanation about how meetings are a good place to share works well.
4. Sometimes people from within ACA want to ask questions. If you can’t answer them, redirect them to someone who can.

We are always open to members who would be interested in giving service to ACOA UK

Please do get in touch via

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