Event & Workshop Policy

In order for an individual or ACA service body to present a Workshop or Event under the umbrella of the ACA name, it must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Events listed on the Service Website Calendar must be sponsored by a registered ACA service body (eg, group IG, Region or WSO).
  • The content must support the principles of the ACA Program, including the Steps, the Traditions, the ACA Solution our Conference-Approved Literature, including literature in development, literature approved for fellowship review, pending conference approval.
  • The Presenters must be active members of the ACA Fellowship and cannot promote their professional services and outside literature during the Workshop or Event.
  • The content of the Workshop or Event must address the various topics of specific interest to our Fellowship of recovering adult children that promote recovery in ACA.
  • If a flyer is presented, it must include the ACA service body that is sponsoring the Workshop or Event, or that WSO is the sponsor.
  • 7th Tradition Contributions may only be solicited to cover the direct costs of the Workshop or Event, and to support the purpose of the sponsoring ACA service bodies.

ACA UK Events Postings:

To have your ACA event listed on the News & Events page, you will need to include the following information in an email to conventions@adultchildrenofalcoholics.co.uk:
1. The date of your event.
2. Group, Intergroup or Region WSO#.
3. Email point of contact.
4. A copy of the event flyer, if you have one.
5. The event website, if there is one.

Please note the following:

In accordance with our 6th Tradition we will only post events sponsored by registered ACA Groups, Intergroups, or Regions.

Please do not include full personal names, personal emails or phone numbers in respect of our 11th tradition of anonymity.

Want to reach a larger audience?  Consider a Partnership with WSO for Online Recovery Events.  More information can be found by clicking here.

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