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    Sunday, to 6:30 pm

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    This meeting is secured with a waiting room prior to entry and a host is present throughout.

    Please note the following: Camera on is not required , except YOU MUST SWITCH YOUR CAMERA ON YOURSELF DURING THE FEELING'S CHECK IN . If your video is not turned on yourself during the feeling's check-in, you will be asked to do by the Secretary, and if you are unable to do so, you will moved into the waiting room by the host or co-host.

    Be sure that you are alone in the room and will not be disturbed If it is necessary for young children to be in the room with you during the meeting, this is okay, but please wear headphones to ensure safety for all.

    Please do your best to be on time joining. The meeting will be locked approximately at 5.20pm

    Meeting ID: 417 910 719
    Password: 303419

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    Talk, Trust + Feel Sunday Zoom’s Email
  • Updated 26 October 2023
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