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    This is an ACA group for gifted, highly creative or high developmental potential people in recovery. If you score in the top 98th percentile for intelligence; or if you are a member of a high IQ society; if you were in AP classes or an honours student or identified as gifted by a professional, this group might be for you. We meet on Tuesdays at 18.30 UK time. If you identify as gifted, you’re in: we don’t check credentials on the door!

    The 90-minute ACA meetings have a different focus each week. Week 1 of the month: The 12 Steps; Week 2: Reparenting (BRB Ch8); Week 3: Work (BRB Ch 14); Weeks 4 and 5: Gifted Development. We do feelings checks at the beginning and at the end of the meeting and read about the topic of the week. Sharing time is around 50 minutes; the meeting is locked 15 minutes after starting.

    Gifted adult children often had special needs that were not met when young. Bring your multi-potentialities, your wonderfully twice- or multi-exceptional selves to this neurodiverse meeting - you’re welcome!

    LOGIN details: We use Zoom for these online meetings. Please email ACAandGifted@gmail.com for login details up to 30 minutes before the meeting starts. We usually have fellowship time after the meeting.

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