The Safety Committee of ACA UK Intergroup was set up to integrate the work of the ACA World Service Organisation (WSO) Addressing Predatory Behaviour Committee (APB) and the Meeting and Service Safety Ad Hoc Committee (MSS) into ACA UK. We hope you find the links and resources useful.

We believe that a proactive approach to safety protects the ACA community and encourages the deep level of sharing required for ACA recovery. If you have any issues or concerns regarding safety in and around online or face-to-face ACA meetings or workshops, please do email us at All meetings are autonomous (Tradition 4). We offer guidance and support (not rules!) for meetings and members if needed.

We are also asking members who have experienced safety issues in ACA to write shares of between 400 to 1000 words on their experience and how they dealt with it. This would be with a view to publication so that other members can benefit from their experience, strength and hope. Links to the shares already produced by members are below. If you feel inspired to write a share for us, do drop us an email at the above address.

Covid 19

Meetings looking to return to face-to-face venues and who are looking for guidance and support regarding Covid safety can also contact us at the above address.

In light of the recent easing of restrictions relating to Covid 19, and following government guidance, we suggest that face-to-face meetings state clearly whether they are adopting Covid mitigations, and if so, what those mitigations are so that members can make an informed choice as to whether they feel it is safe for them to attend.

Members’ shares

These shares have been produced by individual ACA members on some of the safety issues they encountered and how they dealt with them. Take what you like and leave the rest. Please note that these shares represent the views of individual ACA members and do not represent the views of ACA UK.

M shares his experience of homophobia in ACA and the process of finding safe meetings.

Patricia shares her experience of drug use amongst fellows, and the process of creating safe meetings for members.

Mark shares his experience of safety in ACA and the use of What’s App groups.

Shelly shares her experience of predatory behaviour in ACA and the importance of Group Consciences.

M shares his experience of finding safety in ACA and reclaiming his body and soul.

A member shares her experience of a narcissist in ACA and how to extricate from toxic drama triangles.

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