• Meeting Information

    Wednesday, to 6:00 pm

    • In person

    A brief meditation followed by reading either the ACA Daily Meditations or the Loving Parent Check-In. Small group focus meeting with safety front and centre - a close-knit community to enable and support sharing of core trauma in a stable and loving environment. We are exclusive but not excluding and are able to expand our numbers for those who are interested in becoming part of this intimate group and are able to attend consistently.

    The conscience of the group is to ask all attendees to wear masks unless reading or sharing, and to observe social distancing. Numbers are capped so we ask members to RSVP before attending.

    Dogs very welcome (and spoilt with attention!).

    Please email address supplied below for venue details.

  • Pimlico Station

    Bessborough St
    London SW1V

  • Contact Information

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  • Updated 17 September 2021
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