Should We Have Alternative Steps?

Over the years, ballot proposals have been submitted to the ACA’s Annual Business Conference to adopt the Tony A Steps. Legally, the ACA World Service Organisation cannot adopt Tony’s steps for copyright reasons, however we can write additional steps as options that are more in line with ACA recovery. These are not to replace our existing ACA Steps that are found in the Big Red Book. They are additional steps that groups can choose to use by group conscience and will be located on the website.

The World Service Organisation Step Working Group is presenting this survey with eight possible additional sets of steps and asks you to rank your top three. We will also ask if you favour sending an additional set of steps for conference approval or simply make them available for use in meetings by group conscience. Complete the survey here: Steps Options Survey

Based on the survey results, the working group will consider edits to a set(s) of additional steps reflecting your views from the top three chosen.  A full report will be made to delegates at the next delegate meeting.

For further information or to join the working group please contact: or

Please share the link with the members of your meetings and only take the survey once. The survey will be open until April 30, 2024.

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